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Monday, May 30, 2011

It`s Greek to me...(not really)!

Judging by the current financial crises inflicting present day Greece, not much has changed across the spread of 2,000 years. The despots are still despots, masquerading as polished political leaders, the present day cronies are just as inept and corrupt as their political ancestors, if not more so. Swinging the sword of social justice as their weapon of choice, the taxmen plunder and pillage in an effort to feed the governments never ending need for ever more revenue to sustain their unsustainable spending frenzy. As the columns of bankruptcy crash down around them, they beg like paupers at the door of the EU and the IMF for bailouts to rescue them from their "bad luck", blaming anything and everything, but themselves, for the financial fiasco they alone created. Like the obese child with the food stained shirt and the hamburger behind his back claiming to be starving, they will resort to anything but a diet to feed their hunger.