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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The beautiful Sequatchee Valley

Looking out over the Sequatchee valley in Tennessee is an awe inspiring view, few places on earth are as beautiful to behold or as unique. Today was a good day! I helped a friend install a fence around a small cemetary for a gentleman whose son and daughter were buried here on his property, on top of a crest that looked out over the valley. The small plot contained only the two of them, and a headstone that one day would signify his resting place as well. Though it was hot and the work was hard, I would look up and take in the majestic view and I could feel the pain of his loss, as well as the solemn comfort that must surround him when he sat here alone beside them, knowing few would ever have a more peaceful resting place on this earth. As we get caught up in day to day life, we lose sight of how special our world really is, how fleeting a human lifetime is in relation to nature, and how in an instant it can be gone forever. There is no greater spiritual inspiration than that provided by the beauty of nature, the awakening to the reality of our frailty is a sobering moment, as it should be, it puts all things into the proper perspective!