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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bit actor arrested for trying to get a bit...!

Bit actor in 'Hangover' faces Las Vegas sex charge

LAS VEGAS – A bit actor who played a Las Vegas police officer on the TV series "CSI" faces charges of reprising that role to coerce a woman into sex in a Sin City hotel room.
{Commiting a sin in "Sin City"...unheard of! This is painful to read, almost as painful as watching CSI}
Douglas Brian Irvin Jr., who also played a hotel guest in the 2009 film "The Hangover," responded to an ad for a $180 sensual body rub and asked a masseuse to come to his room at the Hooters Casino Hotel on May 15, police said.
{Obviously nothing more than a man with a "condition" needing "experienced" therapeutic treatment.}
The woman said Irvin began to touch her sexually against her will and offered her $10,000 for sex. She told detectives she agreed, but she wanted the money up front.
{It appears 10,000 had quite the influence upon her "will"! She wanted the money up front of course, only because she had never done this sort of thing before!!!}
Irvin then is accused of pulling out a laminated identification card that said "police" and telling her that she would be arrested unless she had sex with him for free. He told her that he was a vice detective and that "she was in lot of trouble," according to an arrest report.
{She was probably use to this sort of  harassment from the real vice squad and did the usual for free, sort of a "price of doing business" thing}
The woman said his demeanor was "very cop-like" and she believed he was a real detective, so she agreed to have sex to avoid being arrested, the report added.
{Refer to above comment in italics}
Irvin, who is 32, was booked Thursday into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of impersonating an officer, oppression under color of law, and sexual assault and coercion, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun reported. He was being held without bail.
{He stiffs a hooker and gets held without bail. John Edwards stiffs a nation and gets released on his own recognizance} 
Detectives located Irvin on Thursday after he met his parole officer. His criminal history wasn't immediately known.
{You don`t think it could have anything to do with impersonating authority figures do you?...no, of course not, pure speculation on my part!}
Police said he gave several different accounts, including that the sex was consensual.
{Well it would have been if he had coughed up the ten grand!}
Irvin denied impersonating a police officer, but authorities found a laminated police identification card on him, the report said. Police said they also checked his cellphone and found several photos of him in police uniforms and a photo of a police ID card identifying him as a "special agent."
He told police the photos were from his roles in movies and television.
{Some actors just can`t leave their role on the set, in this scene, he failed to realize that cut, meant cut, and it wasn`t a "take"!} 
Irvin also played an FBI agent in the 2008 video release "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" and an intern on three episodes of the medical drama "ER," according to the Internet Movie Database.
{His next role could well be his big break...He will be starring as "bitch" in the prison epic..."Honey, I`m home!}