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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The news... what news?

It seems reporting a story without bias, spin, omissions or slant has become a lost art in today`s modern mainstream media. Facts are manipulated in the direction of the supposed "journalists" direction of travel and the reader is nothing more than along for the ride on the liberal lexicon of lies, half truths and distortions. A protection racket of sorts for those who tow the party line of the elite and connected while at the same time a club to bash and demonize anyone who dares question the sanctity of all things progressive. The Pravda propagandist of old would be dismissed as a novice nuisance when in the company of today`s social engineering media apparatus.
      Carefully crafted snippets of subliminal opinion are strategically placed to misinform and distort, fiction replace facts, omission of relevent material coupled with twisted logic form the foundation from which the progressive media perform their Pied Piper routine as they lead the lemming legions with their whimsical "news"! The New York Times is the poster child for liberal media bias and has displayed these, and many other tactics the left employs, on a daily basis. Fortunately with the advent of the internet, the stranglehold the "big government / leftist media cabal" has enjoyed is finding less and less of an audience to follow their tunes.
     Over the course of time, the truth, has a miraculous way of finding it`s way to the light of day, no matter the depths from which it has been cast. The attempted supression of truth, and the distortion of fact, has been the downfall of liberalism since day one, an ideology that cannot stand on it`s own merits is doomed to fail, as socialism has on every occasion throughout it`s sorted history of misery and destruction. The progressives of today, being exposed by their very own propaganda, are no different then the others who came before them, they were all the "smartest people in the room"! Perhaps it is time these fools realize they aren`t as smart as they think they are, and that`s..."the truth"!