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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nothing goes unnoticed by our ever vigilant FBI

FBI wants tape of Hamilton-Armstrong meeting

LOS ANGELES – The FBI has contacted a Colorado restaurant to get surveillance tapes of a conversation between seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and former teammate Tyler Hamilton over the weekend.
{In our dangerous world, fraught with terrorism, drug gangs, organized crime, and an endless list of  evil merchants, our ever vigilant FBI keeps a watchful eye on the dark, seedy world of organized bicycle racing.}   
Armstrong and Hamilton ran into each other at a restaurant in Aspen on Saturday night, a few weeks after Hamilton went on "60 Minutes" and accused Armstrong of doping and encouraging his teammates to use performance-enhancing drugs as well.
{Hamilton was rumored to have been "really moody" during the taping and is known for  emotional outbursts and vindictive behavior when he feels "uncomfortable"!}
Hamilton attorney Chris Manderson said his client was rattled by some of Armstrong's comments. "It was aggressive and intimidating and we thought it should be reported to federal investigators," Manderson told The Associated Press on Tuesday.
{Absolutely Chris, a conversation between two grown men, well one anyway, should always be immediately reported to the FBI for the sake of national security.This was not the first instance of "aggression and intimidation" Mr. Hamilton has felt threatened by. Just last month a wayward shopping buggy bumped his vehicle in the Walmart parking lot causing Mr. Hamilton to become "rattled" as well. The FBI has yet to name any suspects in that incident.} 
Armstrong and one of his lawyers said the conversation was uneventful.
{Between rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter at the antics of Hamilton and Manderson.}  
Jodi Larner, co-owner of the restaurant called Cache Cache, said the FBI was coming Wednesday to take the restaurant's surveillance tapes. However, the tapes only capture the kitchen area and not the front of the restaurant where the incident occurred.
"I wish it was on surveillance to show it was a non-event," said Larner, a friend of Armstrong's.
{Fortunately for Hamilton, he wasn`t caught on tape cowering in the corner as Armstrong tried to say hello.}
Federal officials are now in their second year of investigating doping in cycling.
{What federal deficit? How could this nation possibly be in the red when they spend taxpayer money so wisely!} 
 Armstrong is a target of their work and a Los Angeles-based grand jury is hearing evidence that could lead to charges of fraud, conspiracy and drug trafficking against the cyclist and others on his Tour-winning teams.
{A Los Angeles grand jury...hmmm, I thought they spent all their time indicting Lindsey Lohen!}
Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office, and Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the FBI's Los Angeles office, both declined comment.
{Actually they ducked out the back to avoid the embarrassment.}
Manderson said it was well known that Hamilton would be in Aspen; he believes Armstrong sought his fellow cyclist out for a confrontation.
"I don't think it was a coincidence," he said.
{Manderson also hinted that there was a connection between the stopped wall clock and the late arrival of summer.} 
Armstrong told Outside Magazine the incident was "certainly awkward for both of us" and "truly uneventful."
Larner said she didn't hear the conversation that lasted about five minutes but saw Hamilton try to hug Armstrong, who brushed him away.
{All of this nonsense from Hamilton because he couldn`t get a hug...call the FBI damnit, I have been scorned!}
"They didn't create a scene whatsoever," Larner said. "Two guys talking in a bar. If that's an incident, wow."
{With 24 hour news channels, everything is an incident.}
Manderson said the two men hadn't spoken to one another in years, including recent weeks after Hamilton, an admitted drug-user, appeared on "60 Minutes." The Hamilton interview reasserted claims made a year earlier by Floyd Landis, another former teammate of Armstrong's who was later caught cheating.
{A cheater and a drug abuser making false accusations...NEVER, how dare anyone question their character...!}
Manderson declined to say whether Hamilton would appear before the grand jury again, but hopes federal authorities will interview some of the people in the bar who witnessed what occurred.
"I hope federal investigators interview the restaurant owner and those in Armstrong's entourage under penalty of perjury to force them to tell the truth about the incident," he said.
{It seems that Mr Manderson isn`t really interested in the truth, only what he concocts to be the truth...and people think Gloria Allred and her victims clients are the bottom of the barrel!}