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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Palin emails - A shovel ready project!

Like a band of vigilantes with lanterns and pitchforks, the leftist mob of misfits and juvenile "journalists", grabbed their shovels and descended upon the boxes of Palin emails in a demonic frenzy of drooling madness as they sought to dig up the evidence needed to slay this heinous heroine of the right. Under bright lights and magnifying glasses they poured thru the messages, but slowly their excitement turned to horror as they began to realize the smoking gun was nowhere to be found. Not to be detoured they pressed on, relentlessly scrutinizing every paragraph, every sentence, every word in hopes they had missed something, anything, that could be tied around the neck of this evil crusader who had dared to threaten their progressive agenda.

    "Perhaps they are in code," shrieked the obese surplus cheese recipient from Portland as she put down her pack of Twinkies and tossed back her matted grey hair.
"Yes yes, they are!" Cried the parolee from Seattle, as he dug thru his stack and produced a message he proudly waved in the air. "Listen to this," he shouted. "Dear Frank, thank you for your kind birthday greetings and try to stay warm through this cold winter, Gov. Sarah Palin."
"She is mocking the poor for having no heat," snivelled the part time Starbucks clerk, unable to hide her quivering lip. From a table in the back, a member of the teacher`s union jumped up on her chair and read the email she held, with glee.
"Dear Congressman Weiner, I would highly suggest you not send anymore video`s of your nude weight training routine, Gov. Sarah Palin."
"This is threatening a Congressman, this is a felony," she wailed in anguish as the group responded in shocked horror.

     With renewed vigor, the frantic frauds dug deeper into the true meaning of the piles of callous correspondence, they knew now nothing could escape their eyes since breaking the clever code of this evil woman. "Listen," shouted the feminist tree hugger, chained to the maple out front. "Dear Patty, I have referred your request for glasses for your imaginary friend to the Dept. of Mental Health in Anchorage, they should be contacting you shortly, Gov. Sarah Palin." As she choked back the tears, she tried to regain her composure as she whispered, "How could she? How could she be so mean in denying the truly needy their glasses? Her friend needs an Optometrist, not mental health!"

     How could they prove this code to the masses? They knew without doubt that every one of these seemingly innocent messages reeked of racism, right wing conspiracies and outright hatred. Where was Dan Rather when they needed him? He could "make something" appear from these past documents. Why had Rham decided to become gangster number one in Chicago just when they needed him most, he would never allow this situation to go to waste, think of all the dead fish he could wrap from this paper. Try as they might, in the end there was nothing, just another shovel ready project that went nowhere!