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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The trickle starts, the flood will follow!

As the democrats, one by one, have started to desert Rep. Weiner, he will find his support erode at a rapid pace as the momentum builds for his ouster. It seems with each passing day the spectacle of his "other life" moves from the realm of creepy to just plain sick. I am sure in a last ditch effort to save his seat in the house he will resort to the "therapy" ploy, as if checking himself in for "treatment" will save him from checking himself out of congress. It won`t work!

His first line of defense of blatant lies, flanked by arrogance and steadfast denial, left little room for sympathy at his weeping willow , "I have sinned", but broken no laws, press conference. The time for his resignation is now, delaying the inevitable will serve no purpose but to drag down, even lower, the democratic parties character issues. He has become the shining example of why so many Americans view the Washington elite as they do. The republicans are not offering a peep, as they enjoy the show from the sidelines as Mr. Weiner wallows in his self inflicted misery and cast his embarrassing shadow upon his party. As the morning unfolds, the pitch for his resignation becomes louder as his former girlfriend Kristen Powers comes forth with a scathing, behind the scenes article, detailing some of the deceitful practices Mr. Weiner has employed to save himself at all cost. Boldfaced lying to a nation with his aggressive counterattack tactics was bad enough, but lying to a trusted friend in the comfort of secrecy shows this man`s true character and his flawed sense of self worth.

I have seldom agreed with Ms. Powers on many issues, but this one I agree whole hearted as she demands he resign immediately, and without haste, after enduring the betrayal Mr. Weiner so easily shoveled upon her as he used her to run cover. Using her trust as a shield, he allowed her to go on national television and defend him after convincing her of his innocence and victim hood in the matter, knowing full well what a fool he was making of her if the truth came to light. This exhibits the lowest of lows in a human beings character and is a flaw that deserves no mercy or forgiveness, for if he would do this, he would do anything. His character, ethics, and morals are of the caliber no one would want representing them in any way, shape, or form, much less have around their children, and he seems to think this is a "private matter" that shouldn't cost him his job.

What Mr. Weiner dosen`t seem to get, is the fact that his "private matter", and his handling of it, (pardon the pun), exposed what he really is as a person and their lies the reason he must go...phony therapy and crocodile tears won`t undue what has been done Mr. Weiner, you exposed far more than your genitals in this matter, you exposed what you are!