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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The democrats wait to circle the wagons...for now!

As Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) NY, sinks deeper into his self inflicted crises, do we hear the demand for his resignation from his fellow democrats? Of course not! We get the harsh and oh so evil "ethics investigation charade", which as we all know by now, is nothing more than the "you have MAYBE been a little Bad, shame on you, time out in the corner, hand slap kind of penalty for his wrongs". Republican Congressman Lee was gone in less than 72 hours for a far less egregious, error of the ways, as the dems screamed for his resignation from bullhorns blaring in all directions.

     But as a fellow democrat smolders in a pot of foul digital indiscretions, not a democrat to be heard demanding his "slide down the rail" to the outskirts of town. They submit snippets of shock and indignation as they distance themselves from the wayward weiner, but to toss one of their own overboard, well of course not. But there might just be hope, for where there is this much repulsive smoke, there has to be some ruinous fire just waiting to burst out into the open that will leave them no choice. My guess would be the future dosen`t bode well for Mr Weiner, as daily his "hobby" seems to have been far more than just the "flirting, harmless though dirty", bad judgement he confesses.
     I believe there are two things, either of which, will leave the democratic deck crew no choice but to remove Ensign Weiner from the ships log and cast him into the dingy on a one way trip to isolation island. The first, an underage participant in his game of sneek-a-peek, for let us not forget, Mr Weiners pet project in congress, was to stamp out Internet exploitation of minors. And two, far more explicit and damaging photo`s of undeniable perversion or actual escapades in the flesh with his harem of online "friends". Anything short of these, and the democrats and mainstream media will circle the wagons and he will survive, as have so many others before him, with the (D) in front of their title.

     Time will tell , but as it stands, my bet would be 60-40 that he is forced out. But then again, never underestimate the "forgivness" the democrats muster when one of their own has sinned.