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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony...compassion or execution?

     Casey Anthony`s fate now lies in the hands of twelve jurors. A case lacking in physical evidence, the puzzle pieces of circumstantial evidence the prosecution has presented, have painted a compelling picture that is hard to overlook. The defense tactic of throwing anything, family members included, at the canvas in hopes that something would stick, has done little to cleanse the image of evil that their client`s actions have painted. Time will shortly tell how the jury see`s the big picture, will it be enough for a 1st degree murder conviction, along with a possible sentence of death, or will they convict on a lesser charge of  aggravated child abuse, or aggravated manslaughter of a child?

     It appears the four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer would be a certainty for conviction after Ms Anthony`s countless lies and fabrications, only the OJ jury could overlook such evidence on these charges, and that is not a likely scenario. If emotion is the driving factor in the jury room a 1st degree murder conviction is a very likely possibility, as was the case in the Scott Peterson trial which bears a striking resemblance to this case in as far as being a mostly circumstantial prosecution involving the death of a child. If the jury is swayed by the lack of physical evidence and tack's more to the letter of the law, a conviction on the aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse charges would be more likely an outcome. As far as an acquittal on the responsibility for the child`s death seems highly unlikely after the actions Ms Anthony displayed for the 31 days following little Caylee`s disappearance.

     Juries are hard to predict, they are the card that trumps the best of both prosecutions and defenses, they can convict on very little, and find reasonable doubt in the smallest of cracks in a moutain of evidence. This case leaves little room for reasonable doubt as for Casey`s responsibility to her child`s welfare and resulting death. Will the jury see it as a irresponsible mother who put partying and her lifestyle above her child`s safety as she drugged Caylee and locked her in the trunk of her car as she danced the night away and didn`t intend for Caylee to die, followed by hiding the death as long as possible with one lie after another to cover for her hideous actions? This seems Casey`s only hope for anything short of the rest of her life in prison or execution, compassion in a sense, where none is deserved, only because of the lack of certainty of intent. If I were a betting man, this is where the jury will find her guilty, along with the four counts of lying to police.

     One thing seems certain, barring a judicial meltdown, Casey Anthony is going to prison, and for a very long time and deservedly so.  

UPDATE...Like I said, juries are difficult to predict...The verdict of not guilty on all charges but the four counts of lying to law enforcement came as a surprise. The jury has spoken, and like it or not, it seems "reasonable doubt" has trumped "common sense", as the final scene in this horrid affair...rest in peace Caylee, you are not forgotten!