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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another day...Another Obama speech..."yawn"!

     The repetitive ramblings from the President, via teleprompters #1 and #2, have become as predictable as an often viewed Andy Griffith rerun, but without the humor, and with Barry starring as Barney. As his poll numbers tank into uncharted territory on a daily basis, his shrillness ramps up and with desperation pushing the same tired narrative, he has all but become unbearable. He has become a Don Lapre type infomercial, with about the same credibility, hawking a tired bogus product for the 10,000th time to an ever shrinking audience as the customers tune him out with a quick click of the changer. His political capital having been squandered, he desperately tries to grab traction on his self made oil slick covered glacier of failed policies and closed minded ideology by hammering the same old theme like no one but a Chicago community organizer would do. He is fast approaching the point of nauseating...!