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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AP`s ANDREW TAYLOR and BEN FELLER ...Shoeshine boys of Team Obama!

     These two distortion artist should stick with writing children`s articles, at least their fairytales would be believable to some of their audience! After reading their latest spin "Senate Republicans vote to kill Obama's jobs bill"...or better yet, propaganda hit piece, it becomes quite obvious to the reader the direction of their travels as they cast the "evil republicans" as the usual villian, standing in the way of the President`s "save the nation", the firefighters, teachers and police officers, jobs bill... aka tax and spend stimulus lite. Of course the headline would have blared... "BIPARTISAN"... approval if two republicans had voted with democrats to pass this latest odoriferous offering of failed policy by the white house. Funny, not a mention of the word bipartisan anywhere about the two democrats who voted to kill this bill along with forty six republicans.
     As anyone with an IQ above 50 knew from the start, this bill never had a chance of passage and was nothing more than a tool for Obama to attempt to smear Congress as "do nothing" tyrants, standing in the way of his lofty and just charade to bring relief to the suffering. Now according to this dimwitted duo of propaganda..."Republicans opposed the measure over its spending to stimulate the economy and its tax surcharge on millionaires."...classic and typical leftist media malarkey, these two really need some new material. After reading that line, it slowly crawled down off of my screen and slithered under the couch in embarrasment, fortunately I was able to coax it out and dispose of it in the wastebin where it so deservedly belonged.
     This bill represented a basket of bad ideas, with a fixture of failure attached to every one of them and was soundly defeated for that very reason. No amount of fanatical fantasy or cynical smears is going to change that reality.