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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday evening inspirational moment series...lol!

     Yes boys and girls it is once again time for my sunday evening inspirational moment series...This week`s theme centers on a woman who had given up on love, who had lost the hope of finding the perfect man, her dreams all but a forgotten romantic fantasy locked away in her mind as she prodded along through the day to day rigors of life. A failed marraige, along with other disappointing relationships along the way, had come up short of her expectations of love. As fate so often does, it presents itself when least expected and intervenes to alter the course of our lives as it did for her that cool autumn morning as she sat sipping coffee at the sidewalk cafe. She glanced up and noticed him across the busy street, the morning sun glistening off the shiney fibers of his crisply pressed Armani suit, the throngs of people rushing about as they made their way to work made his leisurely stroll stand out, his tall stature and confident stride only added to his dashing good looks as he made his way toward her and took a seat at the table next to the newsstand.There was an air about him as his casual conversation with the waitress was interrupted by a call, he seemed to listen intently as he jotted down a note and checked the time on his Patek Philippe wristwatch.

She tried not to stare and quickly turned her attention to her cup, stirring her spoon in a meaningless fashion as she folded her paper and brushed back her long blond hair with a flip of her head. Without thinking she glanced in his direction, his dark eyes locked on her`s as a rush came over her, it was as if time stood still and only this moment mattered, her pulse quickend as her heart beat heavy in her chest. He took his cup in hand and approached her as if he were coming to great an old friend, his broad smile showcasing his perfect teeth, his lantern jaw and creased brow defining his rugged good looks.
"May I join you?" he asked, his deep voice unable to conceal his heavy French accent. "I am Pierre Fitzwell but my friends call me Dick, Dick Fitzwell," he added as he pulled up his chair.
"Oh I bet!" her only reply...The End!