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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sandusky...Paterno...coverup or complacency?

The more I read about the Jerry Sandusky charges and the whole disgusting episode at Penn State, the more it takes on the impression of the "sick perverted uncle" that everyone around him was well aware of his behavior but no one wanted to confront. It was easier to sweep it under the rug and keep a lid on it than to dare expose the University to such vile etiquette... on its campus and under its nose, regardless of the detriment to the victims. Joe Paterno waits a full day after being notified personally by a grad student who witnessed sexual activity between Sandusky and a 10 yr old boy in the locker room showers before informing his superior, Athletic Director Tim Curley, of the accusations. Add to this, Paterno dosen`t notify any authorities outside the University and does no follow up or investigation of his own. Even though Sandusky was no longer on his staff, having retired in 1999, he was still an everyday fixture at the University with free roam of the entire campus and football facilities, not to mention a lifelong friend of Paterno, having been a player and coach for over 35 years on his teams.
      Paterno now seems complacent with the fact that he did everything that was lawfully required of him, aka kicking it upstairs to Tim Curley, the athletic director, and Gary Schultz, the senior vice president of finance and business to sweep under the rug and hide out of sight with only a slap on the wrist of Sandusky by banning him from bringing any young boys on the campus in the future. Neither Curley nor Schultz notified local law enforcement or made any attempt to identify the victim, and by no means was this the first incident of Sandusky`s lust for young boys having been reported to university officials. A janitor had stumbled upon Sandusky performing oral sex on a young boy in the showers years earlier and it too was kept quiet and hid from authorities, the prestige of the university must come first, at all cost, or so it seems. If I were a betting man, odds are this is the tip of the iceberg and a far sinister storyline is about to unfold concerning who knew what and when, and how far the university went to keep tabs on the sordid sickness Mr Sandusky had inflicted upon the campus. Paterno can claim he fulfilled his legal duty by notifying his superiors but he cannot claim he fulfilled his moral or ethical obligations as a human being to find the truth to the matter or a sense of concern for the well being of the victim. The whole episode reeks of the stench that permeated the coverups of the Catholic Church while they fought to hide the pedophile priests in their mist while throwing victim after victim under the bus...maybe I am wrong, time will tell!