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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trixie "the wonder dog" strikes again...!

     Having let Trixie "the wonder dog" in for her morning bowl of hot porridge (ok, so it was dogfood, don`t ruin the story and quit rolling your eyes at me) I suddenly notice a horrible odor! "What the hell is that?" I ask myself as I look frantically for the source of such a foulness in the air. Then I realize it is non other than Trixie "the stinky dog" emitting this less than desirable fragrance......My God, has she been digging up cadavers again? I thought we were well past that nasty little habit after moving across town from the indigent cemetery where they buried the poor two feet deep without a casket and Trixie took a fondness to thigh bones and other assorted goodies. No, it seems Trixie has made a new friend with a member of the weasel family that are adorned in black with a white stripe...After ordering her out of the house and telling her she smelled like a dog, she became despondent and disappeared for a short while, she has now returned and is lying in the yard with a phonebook opened to the yellow pages and is talking feverioushly on her cellphone...I think she has called an attorney and is going to sue me...this is what happens when you let your dog watch CSI on the pet channel...anyone know a good lawyer?