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Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of those days!

     It starts as a beautiful sunny day as you open the curtains and gaze out at the fall colors across the way, autumn is in the air and a cool crispness greets you as you open the door to retrieve the newspaper on the lawn. The front page is the usual fluff and chatter of local events as are most small town papers as you sip your coffee and browse the gossip and opinion intertwined with local politics and current happenings around town. The court docket is a staple of page two with the usual suspects making their monthly appearence for the usual petty crimes and misdemeanors, a revolving door of probation violations, DUI`s, drug offenses and nuisance offenders stuck on stupid. A rash of gas thefts has plaqued the area recently as rising fuel costs and a slow economy have created a valuable commodity of the liquid in your vehicles tank. Pushing aside this nonsense I hop in my truck to headout on a joyful saturday morning and hmmm, I wonder why it won`t start???