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Monday, February 20, 2012

Is Facebook fading...FAST?

Ever notice the trickle of Facebook friends who seem to be departing. Using the handy little gadget http://www.unfriendfinder.com/ you can track the exodus as Facebook becomes more irrelevant by the day. Sure it makes up for some of the losses by an ever widening international market, but on the American home front it is hemorrhaging users at a rapid pace. It is becoming clear that the once mighty Facebook is losing it`s luster. The mundane nonsense and repetitive meaningless posts can only be tolerated for so long. The boredom factor has reared it`s ugly head and is beginning to leave a trail of retreating users in it`s wake. These numbers are from last summer and the latest tallies are being kept hush-hush as the IPO (Initial public offering) goes forward in a hundred billion dollar offering to a world of get rich quick charlatans who cash in , leaving a slew of suckers to ride the wave that beaches itself on the shores of a fading fad.