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Monday, February 27, 2012

Media Matters…you blackmailing bitch!

Liberal heartthrob David Brock can`t seem to make up his mind. First he coughs up 850k to keep his ex-lover, William Grey,  quiet about damaging information that could derail his soup kitchen snack shop of journalistic integrity, Media Matters. Then, on one of his estrogen induced tirades, goes full blown into scorned bitch mode, claiming he was blackmailed and demanding his money back. First a conservative writer harpooning the left, then a liberal smearing the right, no matter his current or past direction one thing always seems to stay consistent…his constantly finding himself the victim. In his latest crusade as hatchet wielding busboy, headwaiter, and political hack for Media Matters, he is out to tarnish and demonize any news source with a differing opinion then the democrat party. Claiming the mantra of a ‘watchdog of conservative media’, Media Matters matters about as much to media as Beaver Cleaver`s paper route mattered to the newspaper industry, just another progressive smear merchant who can dish it out, but sure as hell can`t take it.