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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tareq Salahi plays 'victim' card in $50 million lawsuit against Neal Schon...!

Unrepentant White House party crasher Tareq Salahi has filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against Journey guitarist Neal Schon for stealing his wife Michaele.
"It probably won`t be long before Schon is willing to pay a tidy sum if Salahi will take her back!"

Salahi claims he is ruined  "physically, emotionally and financially," from the devastating effects from the hidden affair and loss of his wife.
"Well here is where I have a little problem getting my sympathy meter to move a notch above 'none'. You were in the process of bankruptcy long before Schon scoots into your bedroom and starts rearranging the covers, so the financial point seems a bit moot. Judging from your appearance over the years I believe we can safely rule out any physical harm as well. As for 'emotional' damages, any man who was so weak as to need Michaele as 'arm candy' to satisfy his ego, had a closet full of emotional problems long before old Neal came onto the scene."
Tareq claims to have intercepted disgusting pictures sent by Schon of his penis, and couldn`t understand why he would be sending them to their account. "Sadly," he said, "it became abundantly clear."
"Earth to Tareq...unless Neal had a man crush on you, I would say it was a safe bet to assume Mrs. Salahi didn`t find the pictures 'so disturbing', and obviously they made a lasting impression."
According to the suit, Salahi and Michaele had an offer to make $150,000 to participate on the Australian version of "Dancing with the stars". But when Michaele ran off with Schon the offer was rescended.
"Perhaps the lost revenue can be made up on 'Divorce Court'!
Salahi says Schon waged an X-rated war to humiliate him, emailing Salahi photos of his private parts and calling him on the phone to tell him how he was enjoying sc__ing his wife. Tareq claims "The act was a metaphorical slap in the face."
"OUCH...apparently Mr. Schon has a few issues of his own to work out. It seems the soon to be ex Mrs. Salahi has seen fit to help with his therapy."
Tareq has since labeled his wife nothing more than a 'groupie slut'!
"Perhaps Tareq should start his own band and his problems will be solved!"
Salahi claims Schon and Michaele are "campaigning to show him as a buffoon and humiliating him in public."
"I believe the evidence will clearly show this characterization of his persona has been present for quite some time, as for the humiliation, you reap what you sow!"