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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann...grab the popcorn and enjoy!

Climate-gate lead mechanic Michael Mann seems quite upset. Charging out on his blaring bullhorn under the light of a cooling, anthropogenic sky, his wobbly hockey stick his only weapon, he calls out for Mark Steyn to do battle. Well, not really! Actually he is throwing his usual temper tantrum while concealed safely behind the skirts of an attorney while threatening to board the laughingstock express and ride into a court of law to make more of an ass of himself than his current position, tucked narrowly within the hallowed halls of Penn State University, allows.
Finding himself impaled on the sharp end of Steyn`s wit, his authoritarian climate vision and millions in funding in question, a wounded ego cries out for retribution. Steyn, mindful of those ever changing climate predictions that seem to balance precariously on the tip of the latest junk science research grants and political expedience, stands prepared for the challenge. The Canadian, clad in ballistic arctic parka, a surf board in hand, mindful and alert for a sudden blast of manufactured global warming that allows for a quick dip in the North Atlantic, stands ready to do further damage with his puissant pen against the hapless cap and tax crusader of the stuttering class of academia. Mann, his defensive posture swimming in a shallow sea of victimhood, relies on thuggish, chest pounding bravado, as his fragile feelings and thin skinned sensibilities demand a retraction from Mr. Steyn for language he deems offensive and defamatory toward his gospel of credentialed tree ring observations. Obviously lacking the wit or style of a polished provider of exceptional eloquence that Mr. Steyn possesses, Dr. Mann is relegated to the time out corner of anger and attitude of the sulking scorned with nuisance lawsuits his only recourse. Perhaps Dr. Mann should do a bit of research on the outcome of people who have drawn Mark Steyn into court, It leads to a most unplesant experience.