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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Across the Years Since You Have Gone...

Life, still surrounds me, distant at times like a cold and separate space
Years, they consume me, slowly coursing their lines upon my face
Your voice, oh so faintly, often to adjourn without a trace
Words, forever written, immortal as they rise from the page
IlIusions, they deceive me, sanctioning my mythical escape
Vision, veiled and clouded, buried with a worn and withered spade
Touch, if only feeling, a pleasure never lost but long since late
Sonia Lynn Neely
Jan 3,1964 - March 2,2008
Love, forever yearning, longing for your magical embrace
Alone, often with many, abandoned in the view of our fate
Dreams, the minds journey, travels to a past and distant place
Memories, to hold dearly, as shadows begin to gently fade
Thoughts, beg for reason, scattered to be lost in our haste
Your smile, oh such beauty, taken by death at an early age
A light, a tomorrow, if only to hold you as I wake