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Friday, September 28, 2012

Felix Baumgartner to dive from 23 miles high...

Skydiver aims for supersonic plunge on Oct. 8

     In just two weeks, Baumgartner will attempt to go supersonic when he jumps from a record altitude of 23 miles over New Mexico. Project managers announced Tuesday the feat will take place Oct. 8.
The Austrian parachutist jumped from 13 miles in March and 18 miles in July. This time, he hopes to break the all-time record of 19.5 miles set in 1960.

... Without question Baumgartner is in a world of his own, attempting to beat a record that has stood since 1960. The last person to attempt a jump from anywhere near such an altitude is still the record holder. Joe Kittenger, an Air Force Captain at the time who successfully parachuted from 102,800 feet (19.5 miles) during the Excelsior project, is a cherished member and adviser of the Red-bull team who provides guidance and direction for Felix and crew.

     Felix will not be jumping alone as he attempts to set a new world record, he will be diving with the largest set of balls know to exist on a man...!