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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mullet cropped in Federal Court

Amish guilty of hate crimes in Ohio hair attacks...

     The Mullet gang, a ruthless and desperate collection of Amish mercenaries whose drive-by buggy hair chopping raids had struck fear in the Ohio Amish community, found themselves convicted in federal court today on hate crime charges for a scissor spree that had left several wounded.

The unusual trial, as the Amish are famous for settling their disputes 'in house', opened a view seldom seen by the outside world to the inner rivalries that can sometimes irrupt between the factions. The defense had tried to portray the attacks as internal church disciplinary matters, not a religion-based hate crime as prosecutors had contended. Prosecutors claimed there were five separate attacks last year led by ringleader Samuel Mullet Sr. and his band of religious renegades in an attempt to influence followers with their vision of tolerance.

     The federal jury obviously did not agree with Mr. Mullet`s disciplinary style or his view of 'tolerance'...chop chop!