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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Slice and dice until the desired result is achieved...

     As Mike Flynn points out in his latest article, a large number of polls are nothing more than a tool to promote a predetermined position, a garbage in, garbage out, concoction of bogus numbers. The creation of an illusion that Obama is invincible, that he is 'pulling away', that his inevitable victory in November is irrefutable, is the driving force behind an endless list of biased and skewed polling data that labeling it 'flawed' would be a show of mercy.

     Propaganda is a term that comes to mind when a quick look behind the curtain at the internal`s of these masterful myths of fiction and fabrication come to light. The democrat spin merchants, aka mainstream media, will deploy every trick in the book to conjure up the desired results when it comes to conducting a poll that can be paraded as 'proof' that their magnificent messiah Obama is carrying the day. Driving home the 'deception of doom' ploy as a way to create the false impression of the coming defeat of the republican candidate  is a tactic the left trots out every election cycle, as predictable as their elderly scare gambit and the always faithful chants of racism. Their polling predictions have suffered greatly when presented with the reality of the outcome, Carter over Reagan in late October, Dukakis over Bush in September, to name but a couple of their fantasies promoted as fact. 
     This past week has seen an onslaught of exaggeration as a huge bounce was manufactured by the ever faithful spin merchants to convince all that Obama was leaving the convention on an unstoppable quest to victory. So good was their handy work that a host of articles appeared across the right side of the blogosphere that reeked of desperation and fear. This pattern of persuasion that the left so loves to propagate will not abate regardless of reality, it is what they do, and they do it well. A careful examination of these recent polls, when the over sampling of democrats has been factored out, especially in the swing state data, shows a race that is basically just as it was before the conventions, TIGHT!