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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Taliban turns to Facebook for Intelligence Gathering Operation

The seventh century religious crusaders have taken a leap forward in their ability to survey the enemy by posing as pretty girls on fake Facebook accounts and friending NATO soldiers as a way of spying on their activities and whereabouts. This is a new use of computer technology for the bearded cave dwellers who usually curtail their laptop labors to viewing porn and hanging out on teenage chat rooms.For a modern day military this might seem a bit silly, but for a backward society shackled to the past it is a huge improvement of capabilities compared to their normal spying abilities of peeking around rocks and trees. As was the case in the Bin Laden raid, the vast majority of material found on captured insurgent computers is of a pornographic nature, which is a direct result of a religious system that demands that women be cloaked from head to toe in bags and sheltered behind closed doors. Pornography being the newest outlet for their pent-up sexual frustration, Afghanistan has a much deeper and darker history when it comes to dealing with this adverse effect of radical beliefs, the 'dancing boy`s'. Dressing young boy`s as girls and molesting them is permitted under their version of Islam as long as no 'love or emotional feelings' are attached, a dictate passed down from the moral Mullah`s. The first NATO troops to arrive in country were curious to why so often young boy`s of no relation were always in the company of older men and especially those of wealth. It didn`t take long for this open 'secret' to become apparent, it was common knowledge among the society. As for posing as pretty females on Facebook, gathering information was probably nothing more than a side benefit to another perverted sexual activity of these tribal trolls.