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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Code Pink to Protest in Pakistan

     The last we saw of this collection of kooks they were prancing around the stage of a Tampa Arena clad in pink 'vagina' costumes as they protested the Republican convention singing their 'vagina' song, a laughable attempt at attention to the so called 'war on women', a manufactured talking point from the left that invented a supposed victim class from nothing. This time around we find this assortment of asinine idiots taking their act to none other than Pakistan to protest the use of American drones in the battle against terrorism. But unlike the dancing vagina routine where the only penalty for their promiscuous antics was scorn and distain, this time they will face a quite different audience, one that will not tolerate or advance their ignorance and self promotional attention seeking grievance routine.

     According to a Pakistani Taliban spokesman who denounced the march, "[we] don't need any sympathy" from "secular and liberal" protesters. So the wayward women who come to protect the  rights of criminals and thugs, find themselves being warned by the very people they seek to defend. A clue for the clueless drones who come to protest the use of drones, ironic is it not? What seems to be the constant rumor being repeated by the local press is a wave of reports of possible suicide attacks against the activists. As bad as I despise this array of ill advised ignorant anarchist, to see them destroyed by a group of radicals who don`t make demonstrations a game of 'look at me' and 'feel me', would bring me no pleasure. Code Pink has taken their 'act' to a land where an 'act' can most certainly get you dead in an instant, where kidnappings are routine, and the local police provide about as much protection as a Ted Kennedy trained lifeguard in the deep end of the pool.

     In a show of respect for the local culture, the Code Pink members will be wearing white shawls and dressing conservatively as well as marching along in the company of the women’s wing of the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Little help this will be if a suicide bomb explodes. Medea Benjamin, one of the leaders of Code Pink, said in an e-mail she was concerned for their safety but was more concerned for the safety of the innocent victims of drone strikes who perish from hellfire missiles on a continuous basis. Well Medea, they can`t say you were not warned...enjoy the show!