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Monday, October 15, 2012

More depressing news for the depressed Jesse Jackson Jr.

A new federal investigation into Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s finances

     A new federal investigation into Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s finances alleges the Illinois congressman misused campaign funds to redecorate the inside of his Washington, D.C. home. Three weeks before the election, the feds also are looking into whether Jackson Jr. used money from his House spending account to pay for the home decor, according to The Wall Street Journal.

     Well this can`t be good news for the bi-polar suffering congressman who has been holed-up in a treatment facility for his chronic depression and erratic mood swings for over four months. Couple this with the ongoing House Ethics Committee investigation of his supposed backroom dealings with the former Governor and now imprisoned Rob Blagojevich for attempting to buy his way into the Senate seat once held by Barack Obama, and it could put him over the top. I am not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I believe I can safely diagnose the root causes of Jackson`s depression. Getting caught with ones tit in the ringer of shady activities can be a most unpleasant mental as well as physical experience!