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Sunday, October 7, 2012

SpaceX completes successful launch of Dragon to ISS

     SpaceX has successfully launched the first official commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station aboard the Falcon 9 rocket this evening. Liftoff was right on time at 8:35 PM EDT with the rocket performing nearly flawlessly during it`s ten minute burn. An early shutdown of one of nine first stage engines caused no problems in reaching orbit as onboard flight computers immediately reconfigured guidance and velocity for such an event as designed. Riding atop the two stage, 227' tall vehicle, the Dragon capsule and it`s 1,000 plus pound cargo, was placed into the proper trajectory for the three day flight to deliver the first of twelve planned resupply missions to the ISS under a 1.6 billion dollar NASA contract. A successful test flight in May of the Falcon/Dragon spacecraft that docked at the station in a carefully monitored trial run, paved the way for tonight`s launch. For updates, or to follow the mission as it unfolds, checkout the SpaceX website.