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Friday, October 19, 2012

Wheels begin to wobble on Obama campaign chariot!

Fox News Poll: Support for Obama Dips in Ohio

     Half of Ohio voters are “extremely” interested in the election.  Among these most interested voters, Romney is ahead by 10 percentage points (52-42 percent).  In addition, by a 12-point margin, Romney supporters (65 percent) are more likely than Obama supporters (53 percent) to say it is “extremely” important their candidate win in November.

     The Romney momentum is picking up steam as team Obama fights frantically to hold back the ever increasing tide. Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, all are now a lost cause as internal polling shows a swing for Romney that has left the democrat`s circling the wagons in Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire in hopes of making a futile last stand. Obama`s phony veneer has worn thin, the people are beginning to see this fraud for what he is!