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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The media and gun control

    The hysteria surrounding the latest gun control outcry being promoted by the liberal media and the posturing political class of nitwits and corrupt crusaders, fits all too well their template and provides a view into their actual understanding of guns. Never let a fact interfere with a liberal`s agenda. They will say and do anything to demonize guns, regardless of how asinine they make themselves look.

  A classic...In 2007 an Iraqi woman came forward in an attempt to gain compensation for her trauma suffered at the hands of the US military. She presented the so called 'evidence' of her home being shot at and the French foreign press and a host of so called mainstream media outlets ran with the story and it made worldwide headlines. The picture of the poor old woman holding the casings from American military rifles had but one little flaw, the ignorance of the liberal press failed to realize the 'evidence' they promoted were UNFIRED rounds...The dissident frogman gives them a
hilarious lesson...don`t miss the credits and bloopers at the end.