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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Johnny Cash's Son Strips in Airport...Taken into Custody

Johnny Cash's son John Carter Cash was arrested earlier in the week at Deer Lake airport in Newfoundland, Royal Canadian Mounted Police told ABC News.
Police said that they were told by security that Cash, 44, had removed his clothes inside the airport on Monday and that police found him to be intoxicated when they arrived, so they held him in custody.
Browsing through the odd news section I came across this item of interest. It is a good thing for Mr. Cash that he chose not to pull this stunt here in the old US of A or it would have been front news that day, not showing up three days later buried in the back bunker of the internet. I doubt seriously he would have been held until he sobered up and then released without charges by the local police anywhere in our country.

     Who knows, maybe the whole incident was overblown and taken out of context. Canadians tend to do things differently and perhaps Mr. Cash simply thought he was to perform a body cavity search as a security precaution before boarding the flight. It could have been the Terminal was hotter then a pepper sprout and he was taking measures to cool off before walking the line to his assigned gate...alright, I know, that is enough!!!