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Monday, November 17, 2014

Ebola Infected Surgeon Dies in Nebraska

Dr. Martin Salia, a native of Sierra Leone and a permanent U.S. resident, was suffering from advanced symptoms, including kidney and respiratory failure, when he arrived at the Nebraska Medical Center on Saturday, the hospital said in a statement...link

Arriving at the Nebraska Medical Center in terrible shape, even the best of care and treatment were not enough to save the Doctor from the ravage`s of this horrible virus. Early detection and immediate medical attention are key to survival. The Doctor displayed Ebola like symptoms in early November but a test returned a false negative for Ebola that unfortunately led to a delayed diagnosis and treatment. Much like the Texas Ebola victim, Thomas Eric Duncan, who was sent home from the hospital when first showing signs of infection, the delay proved to be fatal. 

More on the story and life of Dr. Martin Salia, a man of faith and dedication to duty...link