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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ezra Klein and his 'COLD SPIKE OF FEAR'

There has not been an Ezra Klein article yet at Vox that couldn`t be improved by a paper shredder, and this latest release of meandering madness, located here, is certainly no exception. After reading this jewel of juvenile journalism, I feel legislation should be proposed to make it a crime to assault the senses in such a vulgar manner without a proper warning attached. To even attempt to delve into the convoluted reasoning Ezra brings forth in his viewpoint, outlined so smugly with his usual droppings of arrogance, that locking up a few innocent people here and there for a just cause is necessary, a 'cold spike of fear' overtakes me and I realize it would be a two day process to properly destruct this livid lunacy he displays.
Ezra's main purpose in life seems to be to serve as a continuing demonstration that those who deserve to be struck by lightning, usually aren't.

I fear suicidal thoughts could take hold if self awareness were to ever creep into his life.
Klein reminds me of the typical sexually frustrated, metro-male snot nose, posing as an animal rights activist that kicks his dog when no one is around. A crony crusader in continuous search for the next liberal cause to latch on to and exploit for personal gain and promotion. A fair weather darling lapping at the heels of the elitist click. He seems to have a knack for getting everything upside down, you can always spot him coming down the freeway, he is the guy driving the Prius backwards at eighty miles an hour. His logic is so flawed he was rumored to have once penned a ten page article defending his concept of a re-entry capsule with a convertible top. Demanding a fair and equal view for all the astronauts aboard who so valiantly risked their lives for the betterment of mankind. I will give him one thing, he is always good for a laugh...