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Friday, November 14, 2014

Singapore Airlines Passenger racks up $1,200.00 Wifi Bill

One 4 MB upload and 155 page views...OUCH!

{A Canadian traveller received a nasty surprise when he was hit with a sky-high $1,200 (£750) bill after using on-board wifi on a Singapore Airlines flight.
Toronto businessman Jeremy Gutsche said he was shocked when he saw the charges and accused the airline of ripping off passengers who connect their devices to do work or just pass the time on a long-haul journey.
He said he racked up $1,200 in charges with just 155 page views, mostly to his email, and a file upload.}...story

Talk about an expensive view... I believe in the future Mr. Gutsche will pay a little closer attention to the fine print on the bottom of the wifi connection page. Purchasing the 30 MB plan for $28.99, he declined the automatic cutoff option when his limit was reached and that proved to be an expensive mistake!