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Saturday, November 8, 2014

South Korean Soap Operas Leads to Ten Executions

Once again we find North Korean leader Kim Jong Un making the headlines. This week`s episode of, 'petty tyrant with the dork-do', finds fearless leader limping about with his cane in an attempt to crush a maddening crime wave that has threatened the very survival of his regime. Pirated versions of South Korean and Chinese television shows have been circulating in the country`s seamy black market districts and are a source of grave concern to the dictatorship.
In a show of resolve, Kim had Ten ruling Workers’ Party officials executed by firing squad this week for the hideous act of watching South Korean soap opera videos.
The ten perpetraters were rumored to be closely affiliated with Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of Kim Jong Un, who became a treat to a pack of ravenous dog`s last year in a grizzly execution, as Un looked on, for committing crimes against the state. The ten already had one strike against them and watching reruns of bad foreign actors obviously counts as two in the closed society.
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